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CRIME STEREO talk about their reunion and future touring plans

CRIME STEREO‘s Alex Dunne recently talked to the Village Voice about the band’s reunion and their touring plans.

Now that you’ve reunited, what’s going to change this time–the lineup, the way you’re going to look at the music, how much you’re going to tour?

Lineup’s not going to change. Basically, the reason why we feel that it’s going to work now is essentially because we don’t have to spend all of our time together. Maybe that sounds callous, but it really is the truth. None of us would be able to do this if we had to be in each other’s presence for eight months at a time or for 24 hours a day for eight weeks on end. The thing that we were always great at and always clicked with us as a group was making music. At this point, we’re all individually friends–some better than others–but in terms of all five of us, all five of us wouldn’t or don’t hang out together on a regular basis. The only thing that really gives us all a common mutual connection is making music. That we’ve always enjoyed doing, we missed tremendously when we weren’t doing it. The problems really arise when all of a sudden we all have to be in each other’s constant presence for months on end. Getting back together to make music was not as big of a deal maybe as it would have been otherwise. I can’t see us ever doing a full tour ever again. I don’t want to put too much of a definitive statement on it, which isn’t to say that we’ll only ever play New York.

We’re going to try and get out to the West Coast. We’re going try and get back to the UK. We’re going try and do some festivals in some other cities, but there’s no way we’re ever going to go and do an eight-week full U.S. tour ever again.

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