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TARAKANY! – “Пойдем на улицу!” (“Let’s Go Outside”) video

This is the second video the band has released in the past few weeks; they recently released a live video for “God and Police”, which features Chris Barker from ANTI-FLAG.


This is one of the most upbeat singles from the band’s album MaximumHappy, which has topped the national rock charts in record time.
Even though the song is in Russian, you don’t need to be a linguist to understand it. The title, taken from the chorus, says it all. The lyrics refer to “virtual suicide”, where people are trading social interaction for social networks. It’s a call to log off, power down, disconnect, and go back to the real world.
The video’s final scene was filmed during Moscow’s City Day celebration on Bolotnaya Square, where Tarakany! headlined the Metro On Stage 2014 festival in front of 15,000 people. ads
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