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2019 wrapped: top 3 releases by TRUST zine contributor Stone

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Zines have always been more than just words, reviews, subjective ciews or images on paper. Zines are the embodiment of an ethic of creativity that argues that anyone can be a creator and offers one of the purest foundations of networking in punk community. German zine TRUST have been covering the scene since 1986 and will soon celebrate its 200th issue (!) with an anniversary festival Bremen. To celebrate that, we have teamed up with their contributor Stone to add his piece to this year’s End Of The Year wrap-up series. Here’s what we’ve got.

TRUST ZINE #199 is out now – grab it at this location.

2019? Well, like any other year there’s been good stuff and not so good stuff. Politically annoying, personally pleasant, aesthetically satisfying on many levels. Having celebrated our 25 years anniversary with my band, me and my fellow TRUST shitworkers are looking forward to celebrating our 200th issue next year on February 8 in Bremen. Good times! Further plans for 2020 include travelling, reading, listening, watching, thinking, writing.

Since there is one thing there is no lack of, which is good music, I will just pick three records that made me a happier person at least for a while in 2019.

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TRUST zines 2019

Sunn O)) – Life Metal

Probably the most uplifting noise these guys ever made.

Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis

Challenging and rewarding musical thinking about a part of history that is yet to be fully explored.

Dälek – Respect To The Author

Just so good to have Dälek back.

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