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6 Products That Will Take You Back To The 90s

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Let’s face it – the 90s were an epic decade. If you were born in this period of time or lived through it you must remember all the incredible cartoons, new gadgets, boy bands, and neon fanny packs. Still, everything has to end eventually which doesn’t mean you can’t feel a bit nostalgic.

The good news is that there are many products out there that can easily take you back to the 90s. You can relive the era of MySpace, Tomagachi, chokers, and Tiffany’s heart necklaces once again. Almost everything you loved so much is available again. Let’s travel back in time and we guarantee that your mind will be blown with all the nostalgia.

Modern Portable CD Player

If you were a kid in the 90s you must have loved this product. It was considered to be revolutionary at the time. There isn’t a better way to remember the good old days than listening to your favorite 90s music whether it’s a boy band or Nirvana. Fortunately, there are still many portable CD players on the market. Most of them come with various handy features, such as Bluetooth or built-in rechargeable batteries which will make the whole experience even better.

Feather Pens

Feather was huge during the 90s. Just remember Cher in the movie Clueless! Feather pens were so popular that every girl had to have at least one. The pink pen was especially fancy. So, if you feel bored when you look at your black pen you should invest in one crazy, colorful feather pen.

You can even get the one with glitter or buy various colors. Life is too short and you owe it to yourself to have as much fun as possible.


This is the best pet a child could ask for. Tamagotchi was created in 1996 in Japan but it made a big comeback in 2017. Believe it or not, you can buy it on Amazon without any problem.

This toy is unforgettable and it was practically everywhere in the 90s. All the “cool kids” had their digital pets. Nowadays you can find an old-school version but new versions are also being released. If you have a child they may enjoy having their own Tamagotchi hanging on their key-chain. It’s a fun game that also teaches you about responsibility and chores.

Sticker Earrings

Almost every girl owned and rocked sticker earrings during the 90s. This product was one of the most popular accessories at the time. Paired with a choker and Reebok pumps, sticker earrings were all you needed to feel like a million dollars.

They are also very practical if your ears often get infected from wearing regular earrings. And don’t even get started on the clip ones because they usually hurt your ears after a while. Sticker earrings come in many colors and shapes and you can really get creative with your looks. Try this fun, nostalgic accessory and you won’t be sorry.

Mini Troll Dolls

These toys were so cute that everybody had to have them. Sure, they look a bit weird but nobody can deny how popular they were. You can put these troll dolls in your car – for example, tape them to your dashboard. You can also get one for your desk at work or at home. Just pick the one with your favorite hair color – pink, blue, green, or yellow. The choice is yours!

Goosebumps Books

These were the most important books in the 90s and no one can argue with that. R.L.Stine was considered to be a major literary figure at the time. Children and teens adored his book series. “Goosebumps” was introduced in 1992 and it was later turned into a TV show. Did you know that “Goosebumps” was the number one kids’ show in the USA for 3 years in a row? That is certainly a huge success.

The book series is a bit creepy but very interesting. It contains 25 short stories that millions of people adore. So, if you haven’t read any of them, why don’t you give them a go? It could be a fun experience that will give you some chills and take you back to the 90s.

There is so much love and nostalgia for the 90s nowadays. People enjoy the fashion, the music, the food, the colorful clothes, and interesting toys. It’s good to know that these amazing products aren’t forgotten. With them, you can go back in time and have a crush on Luke Perry or one of the Backstreet boys all over again. Life should be fun and the 90s will certainly put a smile on your face.

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