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A Cry for Solidarity: The plight of Poland’s Postój Social and Cultural Centre

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In the dim-lit labyrinth of Wroclaw, Poland, nestled among the city’s meandering streets and stark architecture, lies the Grassroots Social and Cultural Centre, commonly known as Postój. Postój is a symbol of resistance, a beacon for the disenfranchised, and a thriving hub of the independent music scene. It thrives on the visceral energy of hardcore, the emotive sweep of emo, and the pulsating undercurrents of punk. But today, this vibrant nerve centre of culture and social advocacy is under a relentless siege that threatens its very existence.

A few weeks ago, the Centre was subjected to another brutal attack by unidentified perpetrators, suspected of having fascistic ideologies. Their crime was the audacious act of doing things for refugees, hosting environmentally conscious gatherings, and providing a safe space for queer events. Their weapon of choice was music – raw, independent, and a loud testament to freedom and diversity.

The attack left its physical and psychological scars. Windows were shattered, the yard was desecrated, and symbols of hate were smeared across the walls. In an act of cruel malevolence, the assailants introduced toxic substances through the broken windows, leading to chemical poisoning among members of the collective. Yet, despite this harrowing onslaught, the resilient members of Postój refused to buckle. The centre continued its operations, proving that its spirit was far from broken.

However, the financial implications of the repeated attacks and the necessary measures to strengthen security have taken a toll. Fundraising efforts have stalled, and without crucial financial aid, the future of this vibrant centre hangs in the balance. The centre’s call to action is not just a plea for funds, but also an appeal for hands-on assistance with repairs, security enhancements, and the fight against oppressive forces.

Postój Wrocław

The Postój’s predicament goes beyond a single venue. It represents an alarming pattern of escalating violence against independent music venues and social centres in Poland, often under the guise of right-wing ideologies. Such places are increasingly becoming the victims of targeted attacks, threatening not just the independent music scene but also the broader fabric of diversity, acceptance, and social advocacy that these spaces foster.

In the wake of this crisis, Postój’s plea is not just for aid, but also for solidarity and action. It seeks to engage the broader music community and beyond – artists, fans, collectives – in the fight against such brazen displays of intolerance and violence. Its hope is that the DIY scene, which thrives on a spirit of self-reliance and shared responsibility, would rise to the occasion and rally for their survival.

Postój’s struggle is a stark reminder of the importance of spaces that encourage artistic freedom, social inclusivity, and mutual support. Their endurance in the face of adversity underscores the need for these spaces and the crucial role they play in fostering independent music and culture. Yet, the Centre’s plea also serves as a stark warning – if we fail to stand up for these venues today, we risk losing them, and in turn, a vibrant part of our cultural tapestry, to the destructive forces of intolerance and hate.

While financial support is crucial, it is equally important to amplify their situation and their plea for help. By sharing this information, by rallying to their cause, you have the opportunity to lend your voice to a struggle that is bigger than one venue or one collective. It’s a struggle for the survival of independent music, for social inclusivity, for the right to cultural expression free from fear.

Let us not forget that the heart of the DIY scene lies in its shared ethos of mutual aid, collective responsibility, and fierce independence. Postój needs that spirit now more than ever. It calls for the wider independent music scene to mobilize in its defense, to engage with the struggle, and to champion the cause of spaces like Postój. As they stare down the threat of fascist violence, they need the community not just to watch from the sidelines but to step in and join the fight. They need more individuals committed to creating and maintaining these crucial cultural spaces.

The Postój Centre is not merely a building. It is a testament to resilience, a beacon for the downtrodden, and a symbol of artistic freedom and social advocacy. It echoes with the strum of guitars, the pounding of drums, and the voices of those who refuse to be silenced. Its fight for survival is not just about saving a physical space, but about preserving the spirit that resonates within its walls.

The echo of the music that has played within its walls is not just sound; it is a clarion call for solidarity, for action, for support. Let us not let the music die out. Instead, let’s amplify it. Let’s rally behind the cause and support Postój, not just as a venue, but as an embodiment of the spirit of the independent music scene and the social advocacy it represents.

In the face of adversity, Postój stands tall, refusing to bow to the violence and intimidation that has sought to silence them. Their resilience is not just inspiring but a rallying cry for all of us who believe in the transformative power of music, community, and social advocacy.

If you want to offer your support, you can do so financially through their fundraising campaign or by offering on-ground support in the form of repairs and security. But more than anything, they need your voice. They need your solidarity. They need you to share their story, to stand with them, and to help combat the forces that threaten their existence. The struggle may be theirs, but the fight is ours.

Stand with Postój. Stand for music, for freedom, for diversity. Stand for a future where spaces like Postój can continue to exist and thrive without fear.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
Contact via [email protected]

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