Justin Pearson with DEAF CLUB, by Becky DiGiglio, @yourethenight
Justin Pearson with DEAF CLUB, by Becky DiGiglio, @yourethenight
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A “decent” year: Justin Pearson (Three One G, THE LOCUST, etc.) shares his thoughts on 2019

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As 2019 draws to a close and we’re on the cusp of a new decade, we look back on some of our guest artists’ favourite releases and we share their thoughts about 2019, both music, personal and world wise. Our today’s guest, Justin Pearson of Three One G Records, THE LOCUST, DEAF CLUB, DEAD CROSS, PLANET B, and more great acts, sat down to share his words about 2019 went for himself and how he feels about the world around us. Oh, and the subjective ‘best of’ list is there, too!

A short accurate commentary of the year is impossible to muster up. Considering the fast-paced, absurdly instantaneous world we currently live in, it’s hard to look back in retrospect, even to what happened last week, let alone an entire year. However, I do see some monumental shifts in some things, both good and bad. As far as how the year has treated me, I would say “decent”. I avoid using the common response to people automatically asking one another how things are and not giving an accurate answer. Things in my life are not bad per say, but it’s certainly not good in a larger worldly view. I mean, I will not personally complain on my own behalf. But when there are injustices in the world, people willingly destroying the planet, and others suffering, I can’t say things are good. But I am not one who is suffering. So the better answer for a quick reply in passing conversation seems to be “decent”. It’s sort of tongue in cheek. People tend to stop and think about that, or it creates actual meaningful dialogue. As much as I try not to be a pessimist, I do struggle with optimism at times, especially considering current events and politics.

As far as plans for the next year, I just have my plans building up constantly and work to accomplish or complete them as they come. I suppose I don’t think linnear, as in dedicating bookends to a chunk of time. I have plans for tomorrow, and plans for the rest of my life. They both are on the same path, somehow.

Artist: Birth of Violence by Chelsea Wolfe

Film: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino

Book: This is the End of Something But It’s Not the End of You by Adam Gnade

Other: Getting better with telepathy between myself and a Cocker Spaniel named Captain

Justin Pearson's dog

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