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Hi! My name is Karol Kaminski. I am the owner and founder of IDIOTEQ.com zine, a one-man army DIY project based in Warsaw, Poland.

IDIOTEQ is a DIY online magazine covering some of the hardcore punk and rock music scene. IDIOTEQ does interviews, shares videos, and loads of stuff regarding scenes and genres of all kinds. IDIOTEQ supports DIY ethics and local bands, spreads the word about their activities and art they make. One of the goals is to let people know about honest undertakings going on around the world and move them away from more mainstream music.

IDIOTEQ LOGOThe past: a stumbling block (2006-2010)

I have been designing features for a proper web service for quite a long time and unfortunately I’ve met a lot of difficulties creating and building it. The project had gotten so big, that I was forced to get more designers and investors to help. The desired web service was supposed to be designed to be a music recommendation service, a social networking website and a huge music hub with the most up-to-date news, thousands of artists, events information, downloads, discussion forums and many other features useful for bands, booking agencies, and promoters. The current status is “on hold”, mainly because of the lack of time and funds to develop the project.

Substitutionary service (2011-2013)

Meanwhile, IDIOTEQ.com has been home for 3 different message boards mostly filled with free downloads and 3 simple services providing music news and  bootleg downloads. My Facebook profile has become a huge hub of interesting links and gathered about 13 700 fans in about a year! Thank you all for being with us all that time. We are honored to have a chance to serve you.

The 2011-2013 era brought a sound blog / website serving around 60 news daily! This service had been a heavily updated news website with tons of news, tour dates, videos and audio streams worth your attention.

The Change (February 2013)

IDIOTEQ.com had been an online magazine covering many different genres and styles by sharing unique news, tour dates, interviews, videos, photo sets and loads of stuff regarding the underground scenes of all kinds. February 10th, 2013 marked the great change in IDIOTEQ website’s profile. I stopped posting dozens of news daily and focused on unique content only, switched entirely to interviews and exclusive streams, songs and videos premieres. Head over here to see the details.

A Turn (January 2014)

IDIOTEQ.com  is back with some news being posted directly on IDIOTEQ.com website to make the exclusive content, streams and interviews look sexier :) IDIOTEQ at its most optimal form, serving you lots of thoughts and sharing passion of hundreds of artists, labels, zines and collectives. DIY!

Refreshment (August 2014)

IDIOTEQ.com has premiered its new layout! It’s not a revolution, but I’d like to think of it as a nice step forward. Being a nice refreshment, this new responsive web desing website gives you a chance to browse IDIOTEQ news, interviews and videos on mobile devices and brings in a few changes in design, layout, navigation structure and even the content. Readers are now empowered with more information than ever on IDIOTEQ’s pages. The upgraded design is to facilitate users easily get information they desire.

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