AUTHORITY ZERO release new video!

“No Other Place” is the newest music video from melodic hardcore punk rockers from AUHORITY ZERO! Recorded on May 31st in Mesa, Arizona, the video was filmed and edited by Jason Passaro, Marcus Eden, and their crew. Wartch below and scroll down to see their upcoming dates!

The band issued the following statement after that show:

“You want a Revolution? You’ve got to make a difference on your own”. Revolutions start with a simple idea, taking a chance, and acting on it no matter what the outcome. That’s what we did last night…all of us. It was hot, shit happened with the plumbing due to past ownership, but we ALL pushed through it and made it one hell of a Grand Opening despite the little things that are bound to happen right out of the gates of anything new and innovative. Last night was about trying something new, taking a chance, helping create and be a part of something local, innovative, and of great importance to our local music scene. Heat or otherwise, we as a community came together, sweat it out together, and broke ground as a family for a new music venue in our hometown that is only gong to grow and flourish because of all of you for being so supportive. That’s why we started this band was to have fun, take a chance on something we were passionate about, and watch it grow. That’s just what the Club Red team did and will be continuing to do as time goes on. Huge thanks to Torches To Triggers, Black Mountain Moonshine, Black Thoughts, Reason Unknown, Inept Hero, and Miss Karen O’Brien. You guys rallied and SOLD OUT the show last night. Thank you Arizona…for all for your undying support, helping bring life to a new local and growing venue, and above all giving us a night we will never forget 20 years deep. Cheers!

AUTHORITY ZERO live shows:
13.08.14 RUS-Saint Petersburg, Zoccolo 2.0
14.08.14 RUS-Vologda, Oliver
15.08.14 RUS-Moskau, Club Teatr
16.08.14 RUS-Anapa, Kubana Festival

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