THE BUSINESS 2015 European shows! [UPDATE]

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English Oi!/punk rock dinosaurs from THE BUSINESS (est. 1979!) are continuing their rebellion this March!  Check out the dates below and join them in their anthemic choruses and sick party!

The band’s recent record is the “Back In The Day” EP, released last year.

Indisputably synonymous with anyone’s recollection of the original surge of the British Oi! movement would have to be South London’s working class skinhead heroes, THE BUSINESS. Shrouded in a mess of urban folklore, bombarded with tons of irrelevant controversy, and full of more perseverance than most new bands have in their little finger, THE BUSINESS are still here after 30 years. Having been instrumental in forming a musical aesthetic often referred to as ‘pub rock’, ‘street rock’, and ‘punk n roll’, THE BUSINESS are indelibly marked by tales of European football games, motorbike excursions, working class triumphs, bar room theatrics, factory life blues, and of course, the unavoidable anthems of the ever-scrutinized drinking and driving. Since forming in 1979, the band has releases more records than even some of the most long standing punk bands, toured all over the world, released records on labels such as EPITAPH, TAANG, BYO, TKO, CAPTAIN OI! and many more, as well as having Lars Frederickson (RANCID) produce one of their records and having shared a split release with DROPKICK MURPHYS. Although the lineup has changed over the years, the message and the sound has not. Micky Fitz and the boys are poised to keep soldiering forward and keep the spirit of the streets rollin on into the future. Now, joining forces with Sailor’s Grave Records, expect the legacy to continue with strength in 2014 and beyond.

Tour Dates:

24.07. Rheinböllen – Back On The Streets (Germany)
02.08. Vyskov – Pod Parou (Czech Republic)
26.09. Passau – Tabakfabrik (Germany) NEW
03.10. Badalona – Octoberfest (Spain)

Previous shows:

13.03. Banska Bystrica – Klub 77 (Slovakia)
14.03. Dresden – Chemiefabrik (Germany)
15.03. Wroclaw – Od Zmierzchu Do Switu (Poland)
16.03. Prague – Futurum Music Bar (Czech Republic)
17.03. Berlin – Wild at Heart (Germany)
18.03. Bremen – Tower (Germany)
19.03. Tilburg – Little Devil (Netherlands)
20.03. Drachten – Iduna (Netherlands)
21.03. Köln – MTC (Germany)
29.04. Ostrava – Majales Ostrava 2015 (Czech Republic)
02.05. Helsinki – Tavastia Klubi (Finland)
09.05. Schramberg – Randale Meeting (Germany)

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