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Caleb Scofield of CAVE IN, and OLD MAN GLOOM passes away; fundraiser started

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Caleb Scofield, the bassist and a vocalist for CAVE IN, OLD MAN GLOOM, and ZOZOBRA, has died in a fatal car accident in New Hampshire. He was 39, and is survived by wife and two children, who need your support and help to adjust to life without him (GO HERE to donate). Here’s what Profound Lore founder Chris Bruni had to say about this tragic news:

We are saddened and shocked to hear about the sudden passing of Caleb. A really great and genuine person, and it was awesome working with him on those last two Old Man Gloom albums we released. But undoubtedly Cave In were one of the most groundbreaking and moving bands in all of heavy music of the late ’90s. True artistry and unbridled heavy emotion. Damn did those albums hit me hard.

CECN revealed:

Police have identified the victim in Wednesday’s fiery fatal crash at a New Hampshire toll plaza.

Caleb Scofield, 39, of Bow, died of smoke and heat inhalation, thermal injuries and multiple blunt impact injuries. An autopsy was conducted on Thursday morning.

Caleb’s car crashed into a concrete barrier at a toll booth and burst into flames:

CAVE IN commented:

We are shocked and devastated by the passing of Caleb Scofield. He was one of a kind, our best friend and an unfathomable world of inspiration. Thank you for your support, and for understanding how difficult this is for us. Please donate to his family.


We’d like to thank everyone for the kind words coming in. We’ll have countless words to say, but today we’re just trying to keep it together

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