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CHELSEA GIRL (COLD WORLD’s drummer) interviewed by Noisecreep

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Noisecreep recently sat down with COLD WORLD drummer Nick Woj. They talked his nw shoegaze project called CHELSEA GIRL.

chelsea girl

Anyone that is friends with you knows you’re always up to something musically outside of what you do in Cold World. How did the Chelsea Girl project come about?

Well, I quit my job to tour a bit with Cold World and although I had a great time on the tour I felt an overwhelming sense of alienation towards the end. While most of my tour-mates were partying or hobnobbing with the local scenesters I found myself alone in the van listening to the Cocteau Twins on my iPod most nights. It’s not like they were doing anything wrong or didn’t want me around, I was just sort of in my own head. When we got home I immediately started work on Chelsea Girl.

Go here to read the rest of it.

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