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Chicago’s BOILERMAN return with their first material since 2013’s “Loss Leaders” LP

The Chicago trio is back with five new songs that sounds like someone put the SCREECHING WEASEL / BORN AGAINST split 7” in a blender and pressed it to a one-sided 10”.  The tracks were recorded and mastered under the scratch title “Dark” along with another three songs slated for a forthcoming 7” single – with the scratch title “Pop” – by bass player Kris di Benedetto. Order your copy at this location. Stream the entire record here.

This material lives up to its dark moniker with a lyrical trajectory that starts with the meaningless of life, moves on to the filth of the material world, and finally lands on the inevitability of death. Dark stuff. But just as the impending single portends hope, so too do these songs; righteous anger, building crescendos, and buried melodies, all coming together to expand what kind of punk can be called pop. The band will also be doing a short string of shows in the midwest for the release of the record with more touring slated for later in the year.

4/6 – Kalamazoo, MI
4/7 – Cincinnati, OH
4/8 – Champaign, IL

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