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NJ power pop punk / punk rock act CRUCIAL DUDES have announced their reunion with HISDAYHASCOME and TIMESHARES for Saturday, September 12, 2015! The show is All Ages and will be held at First Unitarian Church at 2125 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, PA 19103! Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 22 at Noon EST over at

CRUCIAL DUDES was founded in 2007 and broke up in 2012. Welcome back, buddies!

There’s always been something special about Crucial Dudes. As a band, they’ve always been something that struck an immediate chord inside, as if the heartfelt songs of young angst, love lost, and confusion somehow were written for a more carefree spirit; a soundtrack to a younger life not all that far removed from where many of us are now. It would be hard to deny that this chord didn’t resonate for many people, young and old. This affection is something the the band recognized with a grain of salt, almost to modest to realize their words and chords meant a lot to more people than they ever realized.

Crucial Dudes debut full-length, ’61 Penn’, had all the hooks yet never left their influences like Lifetime, Saves The Day, or Latterman that far at bay. Followed soon after by a split seven-inch with Canada’s Shared Arms the band posessed a knack for writing catchy melodic anthems. With another release in the works, a split gatefold double seven-inch with good friends Hisdayhascome, and a full US tour booked and days from beginning, the band imploded, almost as if on cue. It was over before it had even started. They were ‘that’ band. Crucial Dudes became something cult-like in nature. The band you almost had the chance to see live, but didn’t. You know…..’that band’

Three years have passed since South Jersey’s Crucial Dudes abruptly called it quits; enough time for lives to move in different directions yet things come full circle. / R5 Productions

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