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DEATH HOUNDS – “Cloven Tongues (Hiss Me Further Into Madness)” video

Melodic metalcore Monday continues :) Nijmegen metal(core) band DEATH HOUNDS have debuted a new music video for their song ‘Cloven Tongues (Hiss Me Further Into Madness)’, taken from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Silence The Music Of Life’. The video was shot and edited by KESSLR MOTION and the track was recorded and mastered by Cornerstone Audio. Watch below and stay tuned for a full stream of the EP!

Death Hounds is a metal band hailing from Nijmegen, The Netherlands, consisting out of former members of As Enemies Arise, Through the Struggle and This is History. Death Hounds diverse itself from other metal acts by combining metal(core), hardcore and black metal in an original manner. With years of individual experience playing large and smaller venues, Death Hounds is capable of putting up a dynamic performance full of energy. With their upcoming EP ‘Silence the Music of Life’, Death Hounds shows it’s ready for the international stages.


Hidden for the shut eye, teasing for the skin unaware
in between trees of life it slithers alas the purpose of fangs is to sink in

the birth of yet and the still living nothing is to be spared
tissue of rot and the already passing, a pleasure not to be shared

set up your trusted defenses nevertheless they will create an entrance
and the growth you grown so fond off will be all but a poisonous memory

Uncracked they’re laid upon the world
crying for the warmth of love they all deserve
but the stories tend to different sides and some grow fangs
of those who fell into cold cracked hands

shedding skin under an eclipsed sun
a story of fathers that are losing track

Their language is of broken
with cloven tongues they speak
in flocks producing frequencies that may paralyse the weak

of seven seas of sins they sing to satisfy their sadness
The song keeps rattling my bones

I fear that nothing stops the hissing sounds of madness

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