DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER embard on their first European Tour ever!

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For all of you who don’t know the band yet, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER are a Romanian metal band that have an interesting mixture of genres and sub-genres of metal incorporated into their style and songs. You may find metalcore parts, deathcore, hardcore, djent to punk and extreme melodic riffs. It’s interesting the way they approach the song building, but what we can tell you they don’t have specific song parts since most of them don’t even repeat themselves. They are one of the most prolific Romanian bands right now, since they already have a wide portfolio that include: two EP’s released, one Live DVD and Band Documentary, not to mention numerous music videos and high importance concerts and this in just 3 years of their existence. They just received the “Best Romanian Metal Newcomer” on METALHEAD Awards 2014, so we guess they earned it. Keep an eye close for this guys. Pick a date if they’re in your area and don’t miss them.

This tour has the purpose to promote their upcoming full length album and also a scheduled new single from this future release. The 10 day tour is the first of its kind for the band if we take the length and the number of countries into consideration. Spanned across six countries to include: Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia and Romania it sure looks good for a first international tour, probably that’s why they have a lot of well-known sponsors and partners along. This is a new experience for them, so we wish them best of luck on this journey.

The new single “I Am Unbreakable” gave the name for the tour and it’s due to come out just before they hit the road, so we guess we’ll just have to wait a bit more to see what’s coming. They already released a first single that will give you some insights on their sound and style approach. The single is called “My Fragile Heart Will Feed The Darkness”.


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