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End Of The Year 2018 closure: DIY riot grrrl punk witches DREAM NAILS!

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Hooray, we made it. 2 months ago we gave our friend labels, bands and artists the difficult task of whittling down their very best releases for 2018 to manageably long lists of noteworthy albums, EPs, and demos that you might miss out on. What better way to cast a spell on the new year than with a proper squad of witches? Our final guests in the series are London based feminist melodic punk act DREAM NAILS! Check out their New Year’s message and scroll down to check out some fine music and good reads recommendations below.

DREAM NAILS are releasing an acoustic album called “Take Up Space!” on Jan 22nd. It’s going to be available exclusively on their Bandcamp.

“Take Up Space” is the playful soundtrack to being a twenty-something woman in London in 2018. It’s the first time the youthfully energetic four-piece Dream Nails have recorded acoustic tracks, and the result challenges the usual limitations and scrappiness of punk.

Recorded at Housman’s Bookshop in London on 12th September 2018, the songs on Take Up Space are interspersed between the band’s chatter, contagious laughter and answers to audience questions.

The 15-track album includes new songs Jillian, a punchline-filled banger about cult fitness coach Jillian Michaels; Chirpse Degree Burns (Text Me Back) a pacey wailer in three-part harmony about being ghosted by a crush, and a stripped-back take on their landmark song Deep Heat (about setting fire to Donald Trump’s dick).

It’s pretty amazing that the word “feminist” is now acceptable (and profitable), but feminist action, solidarity and decision-making are still vilified and disregarded.

Feminism is not a label. It’s about the decisions you make, the priorities you set, the people you lift up and the things you will/won’t let go of as wrong. It’s the uncomfortable, inconvenient, ugly stuff that nobody will reward you for.

It’s a commitment to challenge the “way things go”, the amount of spacemen take up and the way abusers are hush-hushed. Through behaviour and actions. It’s about hard but *right* decisions.

End tshirt feminism 2k19. The tshirts are cute, but revolution is cuter.

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DREAM NAILS by Deborah Ellis
DREAM NAILS by Deborah Ellis
Janey’s picks:

Charismatic Megafauna – “Semi Regular”

Listen to their LP Semi-Regular, my favourite songs are “Context”, “Guys in Spandex” and “Ejaculate”.

Charismatic Megafauna are the punkest band I’ve ever seen. They’re hugely talented musicians who just don’t give a fuck, and their live shows are hilarious, electrifying and their songs get stuck in your head for days after. I want to see them take over the world!

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

This is an amazing book about race and everyone should read it at least twice – especially if you’re white. Reni is a phenomenal writer and I learned something new on almost every page.

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Lucy’s picks:

2018 was about (attempting to find) balance – between the demands of band life and touring, a demanding day job, relationships and emotional commitments, surviving in an exciting but unforgiving city. I’m proud about how much care I put into making my body feel strong, healthy and prepared. The instability we all feel is only going to be amplified in the coming year and I want to counter this by getting h.e.n.c.h.

The Story of a New Name by Elena Ferrante

Find it in ya local independent bookshop!

This Neopolitan series is the most piercing depiction of female friendship I’ve ever read. It’s fiction at its most unflinching and gripping. I had to ration pages in the second half to stop myself gobbling it up.

Anya’s picks:

2018 was the year of learning. I learned to run, started to learn to speak Spanish, started up jazz guitar lessons, learned to meditate. As a band, Dream Nails had a crazy tour schedule and were starting to play bigger and more riotous shows, so 2018 was also the year we all decided to get super fit to keep up with our intensely cardiovascular performances. Oh, and discovered the joys of Lucozade Orange.

‘All at Once’ by Screaming Females

I went to see Screaming Females, a rock band from New Jersey, when they played a show in London in summer 2018. Marissa Paternoster is one of my guitar goddesses. She can shred like a champ, the motifs are all over the fretboard, she’s fantastic live. I was right at the front for ‘I’ll Make You Sorry’, my favourite tune from the new record.

Mimi’s picks:

Deciding to get fit in 2018 came with its ups and downs for me. I have had more injuries this year than I’ve had my whole life! I’m excited to recover and keep going in 2019. We as a band have a lot planned for this year, including a live album release this January.

Junoire – “OUH LÀ LÀ”

Three women, and a ghost in a band. They’re from Paris and play cool surf/rock music, with amazing keyboard. I’m currently learning the whole album on guitar!

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