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“Everlasting Everything” by SAVES THE DAY premiered

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Order here and read the official word from the band below.

Photo by Sam Dobbins.

Hey pups, what’s good? Last night we shredded through THROUGH BEING COOL from front to back. Tore right through it like an eagle on a skateboard. SHREDDIN’. You guys have no idea how fired up we are about this tour and music and life.

We’ve been rediscovering all the vinyl we each own: old classics like Ravel’s “Bolero” and modern classics like the Youth Of Today “Disengage” 7-inch. Perhaps as part of that we were inspired to press a 7-inch single of “The Tide Of Our Times” along a with a song recorded during the same self-titled sessions for a b-side. Both shredders. Emotional, hardcore. We’ll have this out on tour.

Don’t sit down yet. You may want to curl your toes over the edge of that surfboard now. Every toe now – hang ten. We repressed THROUGH BEING COOL on 180g vinyl, and there’s TWO new color variants that didn’t exist before that will be available. The first is a blue/white split that will be available through EVR (HTTP://SAVESTHEDAY.MERCHNOW.COM), the second is a special tour-only variant that we’ll have with us at these shows (SAVESTHEDAY.COM/THROUGHBEINGCOOL2014). There will be a few other things we’ll have on tour only, but you’ll just have to wait and see. All Vibes. Did we mention that these are remastered* and repressed on 180g vinyl? That’s heavy stuff, this is vinyl your kids or nephews can jam out to in 15 years. Tell them you were there.

*remastered, not remixed. The sound of plugging in the Les Paul is just the beginning of hearing it as if you’re INSIDE the guitars.

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