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JOHNNY BOOTH, a metalcore /mathcore band from Long Island and Oneonta, NY. The band is currently looking for a new drummer, writing a new album and touring. We were so lucky to catch them and ask a few questions. Check out this brief update from the band below.

johnny booth

Hey, guys. I happen to reach you 2 days after you parted ways with your long time drummer, Adam Ingoglia due to his becoming a business owner. Was it a hard decision for him? How do you feel after his leaving?

It was definitely a hard decision for everybody involved. Adam has been with us since our inception and has helped to contribute in every aspect of this band. He’s one of the most creative drummers we’ve ever worked with and has been one of our best friends for years. We’re going to miss playing with him for sure but we’re also looking forward to the types of creativity that we’ll encounter going forward. Drums are obviously a huge part of this band and we’re all excited to see how a new member can help to change up our dynamics.

How are you planning to look for a new drummer? Any auditions? What feedback do you have so far?

For the time being, we’re having friends of ours fill in for some dates here and there but we’re also keeping our eyes open for a permanent replacement. We’ve posted some notes on our Facebook and other social media to anyone who is interested in setting up an audition with us. We’ve got a lot of responses and have tried a few guys out. Everyone has been really impressive so far and there are definitely going to be some extra rounds of auditions for some of them. If anyone has given our album Connections a listen and think they can step up, please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected].

I hope I’ll help you find a new one.

You had some new music in works back in June. Now you reveal that you will be preparing new material for a follow up record soon. Please share some details with us [smiles]. How’s the writing going? What and when can we expect?

The writing process is definitely coming along pretty well. It makes it that much more difficult having Adam leave because we feel we have been writing the best material we’ve ever written as a band. We have some pretty solid framework for 7 or 8 new songs and we’re always messing around with riffs that’ll show up in one way or another. Nothing has been recorded yet, but we plan on demoing out the new material once the record starts taking shape.

As far as what to expect, it’s still going to be Johnny Booth. It’ll be fast and it’ll have its grooves but we definitely expanded on certain elements we liked about Connections. The guitars are going to be a little more melodic and we’re going to expand a bit more on our instrumental sections but it’s still gonna have its karate kid moments for sure.

Getting back to your first album “Connections”, tell us about how you tapped Tommy Rogers from BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME for your song “Ink And Sky”?

We recorded the album at The Basement studio with Jamie King in North Carolina. Jamie has produced a few of the BTBAM albums since 2002 so he’s always been in touch with Tommy and the rest of the band. We had two separate weeks of recording sessions booked at the studio (one in August and one in February). After recording the first batch of songs in August, I guess Jamie must have been listening to some of the mixes while he was hanging around with Tommy.

Jamie mentioned to us that Tommy was digging the stuff that he’d heard and would maybe be interested in doing some guest vocals on the record. Once we caught wind of that, we jumped on the opportunity right away. We’ve been huge fans of that band and Tommy’s work for years. We’re still having a hard time believing that he was willing to contribute to our music. We love how the track came out and hope to pull it off together in a live setting one day if the stars are able to align accordingly.

I kind of lost touch with you guys shortly after you released your “Pills for the Havoc” music video back in January. What have you been doing since then besides writing? Any cool shows you’d like to recall?

Since January up until Adam’s departure from the band we’ve been touring and playing shows as much as possible. we played some festivals like this years Jamboree 2012 located in Ohio, Gnarstock festival in upstate NY and a few Fest of The Best‘s in Brooklyn. We’ve signed to The Phoenix Agency and they put us on our first Canadian tour, we look forward to working with them on many more tours in the near future. not too long ago we played a show with STRAY FROM THE PATH in Albany and that was awesome as well. We’ve been very busy, pushing this album has been a priority and we played out as much as possible. Right now we are mostly focusing on getting this new record written and recorded. Can’t wait to get back out there though.


One more thing: what local bands would you like to recommend to us?

We’ve been based out of different areas over the years so some of the bands that we’ve played with “locally” that will melt your face off are: THE VIKING, VESSELS, KILLS AND THRILLS, CATTLE DUMS, CROWD WALK, PAINTED IN EXILE, SYLAR, FXZero.

Thanks for the chat, guys. Feel free to add anything you want. Cheers!

We hate the Philadelphia Eagles. That is all.


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