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Experimental industrial punk metal act BODY STUFF streaming new EP

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BODY STUFF, a new project by Curran Reynolds of TODAY IS THE DAY and WETNURSE, has just released his new EP called Body Stuff 2, available now via The Path Less Traveled Records. Composed in a house on a lake in Maine, and recorded and mixed in Brooklyn, New York, with the help of Ryan Jones (MUTILATION RITES), the record was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and serves a crishing follow-up to the self-titled Body Stuff EP released in 2013. Throughout the whole record, Curran constantly turns various inspirations and his signature variations into joyous experimental heavy rock music, making the album an adventurous mental and physical exercise. You’ll love it!

Curran commented on the very begginings of this projects by posting:

At the end of my final tour with Today Is the Day in 2013, I found myself in a small town on the coast of Maine. I would end up staying there for a year, renting a house on a lake and writing most of Body Stuff 2. For 15 years up to that point I had been living the loud, fast life in New York City. Always pushing forward, forward, forward. The year in Maine was a moment of stillness and quiet. “Witness” is a song that reflects on the fast life and finds not much to show for it, not even memories.

Curran is also a publicist at THE CHAIN, a PR alliance also featuring Justin Pearson of RETOX and Brandon Gallagher. These fellas provide next-level publicity and branding to clients they believe in, so feel free to drop ’em a line via [email protected].

“Creepy, beautiful, inspiring, and an interesting example of the kinds of uncommon influences that can work in heavy music today… Haunting, almost goth-ish post-rock… A deluge of heavy riffs and sweaty, groaned vocals… And though Reynolds is a New York metal star, the music on the record was written in a cabin on a lake in Maine.”

“Written completely by Reynolds, but with instruments played by Ryan Jones (Mutilation Rites), the endeavour combines industrial metal, post-rock and experimental drone in a Killing Joke-meets-Godflesh-meets-Swans kind of way — it’s totally unexpected, yet works brilliantly. While Body Stuff’s 2013 debut self-titled EP was an ode to NYC, new EP Body Stuff 2 was written at a lake house in Maine… Reynolds’ dark, haunting vocals are highlighted throughout Body Stuff 2, showcasing intense emotions to complement the strange, brooding atmospheres that will linger in your mind even after it’s over.”

“Of all his work, Body Stuff might be the closest to Reynolds’ heart. The solo project serves as a vessel for the NYC-based musician to indulge his various influences in the worlds of industrial, ’80s pop, and post-punk. Composed in a house on a lake in Maine, Body Stuff 2 is a forthcoming EP from the project that brings to mind something legendary Long Island new wave-leaning radio station WLIR would have played in the late ’80s.”
–No Echo

“Decidedly New York… Rolling, dream pop… Devolves into a sonic, post-metal pummeling that would fit right at home on a Swans record.”

“Nods to everyone from Billy Idol to Suicide.”

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