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Exploring the multifaceted universe of RED MASS in their epic ‘111’ project

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Red Mass, an intriguing amalgam of musicians, artists, and provocateurs, is embarking on a musical journey unparalleled in its ambition and scope. Their ‘111‘ project, conceived by the collective’s progenitor, Roy Vucino, is a large-scale work meant to complement their previous album ‘A Hopeless Noise’. Comprised of 111 songs spread across 11 distinct volumes released through various global labels, ‘111‘ is no ordinary record. It is a testament to Red Mass‘ dedication to innovation, creativity, and unrestricted artistic expression.

Each of the 11 volumes corresponds to a different personality type, each with its unique artwork, thematic explorations, and genre focus. From folk to garage punk, black noise to synth compositions, and industrial music, the breadth of this exploration is indeed staggering.

It’s an exploration inspired by author Grant Morrison’s belief in the benefits of a multiple personality complex, which Red Mass applies as a metaphor for society’s need for adaptability and empathy.

Red Mass

The collection has been a work-in-progress for the past 12 years, featuring mostly new material punctuated by the diverse array of genres. With Volume 2, the listener is plunged into a post-punk, industrial soundscape heavily reminiscent of the influence of Wax Trax Records.

Born from the ‘Free Creative Enterprise’ TA DA arts collective, Red Mass is a confluence of creativity with over 100 participating artists and musicians worldwide. Their music embodies a unique blend of punk and automatic creation techniques fused with elements of chaos magic. In its audacious artistry, the collective strives to transcend the confines of societal norms and perceived reality.

The dynamism of Red Mass has attracted collaborators like Mike Watt, Evan Dando, Rick Froberg, King Khan, and Martin Bisi, among others. The collective’s creator, Roy Vucino, has been instrumental in Montreal’s punk and experimental scenes. His repertoire extends to film, fashion, and television, crafting tracks for major companies and franchises. The collective’s diverse collaborations and Vucino’s multifaceted career in music, writing, and acting, all contribute to the innovative and experimental spirit that defines Red Mass.

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