FEEFAWFUM – “Feefawfum” [EP] (2013)

FEEFAWFUM – “Feefawfum” [EP] (2013)

FEEFAWFUM bring in an amazing blend of indie, math rock and jazz! Highly recommended!

Been waiting ages for that Minutemen, Wes Montgomery, Tim Buckley, Betty Davis, Mike Patton, Slint, Scott Walker, and Captain Beefheart split release / slab of polygeneric perversity? No longer!

“Wow, where the hell did these guys come from all of a sudden?” writes Matt Lee for The Big Takeover. “I know nothing about them except that I love what I hear. Some sort of jazzy spazzmath psych mess with a vocalist who reminds me strongly of Arrington de Dionyso from Old Time Relijun. Pointillistic, deceptively complex, framework smashing hallucinations, I can’t wait to hear more from Feefawfum!”

More is here: Montreal-based “punk-bop” trio Feefawfum present their self-titled first EP, a jagged, soulful, exploratory, algebraic, bouncy, jazzy spasm of angular dynamics and machinations. Born into the world in August of 2012, Feefawfum is Farley Miller (guitar/vocals), Stéphane Diamantakiou (bass/vocals), and Ryan Packard (percussion/vocals/toys).


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