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FRENZAL RHOMB announce re-press of the 2011 album Smoko at the Pet Food Factory

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FRENZAL RHOMB have announced a re-press of the 2011 album Smoko at the Pet Food Factory. The 16 song strong album is getting a new look and an exclusive repress by SBÄM Records.

If you think of Australian punk rock you are probably not even able to avoid the name Frenzal Rhomb. After successfully re-releasing their debut album Coughing Up A Storm from 1995, the band has decided to hand over their popular album from 2011, Smoko at the Pet Food Factory, to SBÄM to do a re-press. Their fun punk has not changed it’s winning formula of sometimes short and fast skate songs with polyphonic voices. Smoko at the Pet Food Factory contains some of the band’s most loved songs such as “When My Baby Smiles at Me I go to Rehab” which belongs to the most streamed songs by Frenzal Rhomb on Spotify.

The album has been produced by Descendent’s Bill Stevenson and was release by Fat Wreck on October 11 in 2011. 2012 is was nominated for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album at the ARIA Music Awards in Australia and it hit the German album charts at the time. With this being one of Stefan Beham’s favorite records of all time, it was a no-brainer for the Austrian label to re-press it to once more unleash it to the world.

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