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Instrumental post rock act MILLION MOONS instrduces “Intruders in a Strange World”

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The marriage  of instrumental post-rock with the theme of polar exploration feels both natural and perfectly fitting. Today, we are thrilled to exclusively premiere “Intruders in a Strange World,” the latest single from I May Be Some Time, the newest album by MILLION MOONS. This track is a compelling journey through the haunting landscapes of the Antarctic, inspired by the legendary tales of polar explorers. Set for release on July 5th via Ripcord Records, it encapsulates the band’s fascination with the perils and wonders of polar exploration, crafting an aural expedition that sucks you in deep and refuses to let go.

MILLION MOONS’ drummer, Solomon Radley, shared insights into the album’s concept, shedding light on the profound influence of polar expeditions on their music.

“As a largely instrumental band, I’ve always felt that a solid concept is essential for tying our records together into a cohesive whole,” Radley explains. He elaborates on the prolific songwriting of Ed, the band’s primary composer, whose adventurous spirit mirrors the daring feats of explorers like Henry Worsley and Ernest Shackleton.


Radley’s fascination with the history of polar exploration was ignited by David Grann’s The White Darkness, which narrates Worsley’s tragic attempt to cross the Antarctic. This historical narrative, filled with bravery and peril, resonated deeply with the band, providing a rich thematic foundation for their new album.

“Intruders in a Strange World,” the fourth track on the album, is named after an Ernest Shackleton quote: “We were helpless intruders in a strange world, our lives dependent upon the play of grim elementary forces that made a mock of our puny efforts.” This piece eloquently captures the essence of Shackleton’s words, starting with an ambient and ethereal introduction that evokes the desolation of the Antarctic wasteland.


As the track progresses, an electronic kick drum pulses through, symbolizing the anxious heartbeat of an explorer facing the unknown. Radley’s drumming in a complex 15/8 section injects dynamic energy, mirroring the treacherous ascent of a crevasse and the dodging of avalanches. The track culminates in a frenetic coda, embodying the triumphant advance of overcoming formidable obstacles.


Radley’s drumming prowess shines through in this composition, particularly in the climactic moments where he “hits everything on the kit very quickly at once,” bringing a sense of urgency and exhilaration to the piece. The intricate interplay of electronic elements and live instrumentation paints a vivid soundscape, making “Intruders in a Strange World” a standout track.


The single serves as an inviting prelude to the more ambient and dynamically rich segments of the album. As it transitions into its third minute, the percussion leads us into an astral, instrumental voyage. This segment, bursting with energy and creativity, would undoubtedly make for a stunning visual experience during a live gig.

I May Be Some Time will be available for pre-order via Ripcord Records.



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