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Jump Start Records release CRUCIAL DUDES / HISDAYHASCOME split on 7”

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Released back in 2012, the split between CRUCIAL DUDES and HISDAYHASCOME will be re-released on 7” by Jump Start Records, who commented: “Last week we announced that we had some news involving the beloved Crucial Dudes. Well, you have all been patient and it’s only fair that we keep our part of the bargain. So here is the first of two major announcements. After three years of sitting in the Jump Start vault, we are finally going to release the Crucial Dudes/Hisdayhascomesplit. While the songs have been available to stream on our Bandcamp page this will be the first time that you’ll be able to own this fantastic release digitally or on vinyl. We are sticking to our original idea and making this our first ever gatefold double 7″ release. This is pretty much going to look beautiful and sound even better.”

CRUCIAL DUDES called it quits back in 2012.

Hisdayhascome and Crucial Dudes spent a few weeks on the road together in the summer of 2011 and that tour was the building block for this split release and both bands found themselves recording with Dave Downham at The Gradwell House just a few months later. Each band tracked three songs that are easily their most representative work to date. Crucial Dudes built on their infectious pop-punk styling that mixes the best parts of early Saves The Day, Lifetime, and Latterman and fine tuned their craft. Hisdayhascome strayed a bit from their pop-punk roots on their previous EP Where I Belong and instead wrote some heavy hitting rock songs with twangy and melodic leads. At the end of the recording session the bands turned in fifteen minutes of music that is free of fat, anthemic, and something of a blue print for future bands to follow. Just before we were about to send this release to the pressing plant both bands closed shop and that’s why this particular release has been on our backburner.

While we don’t have all of the pressing details worked out here is what we can tell you. First, this release will be adouble gatefold 7″. Each band will have their own piece of wax that will fit nicely into a gatefold jacket. Second, all physical copies will include a digital download and if you don’t want to buy the vinyl you’ll be able to buy just a digital copy. Third, Jump Start Records will be pairing up with Ass Card Records (Germany) for this release. Finally, we are shooting for a September release date that will directly coincide with our next big Crucial Dudes announcment on Tuesday, May 19th. Pre-orders would be posted in June. We will send out another newsletter after we work out pressing numbers, color options, a pre-order date, and a record release date.

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