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LIVING WITH LIONS interviewed by You Indie

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LIVING WITH LIONS was interviewed by You Indie Magazine.

You Indie: There is a new generation of punk fans that are embracing the aesthetics and sounds of older punk and hardcore bands, and somehow it just seems infinitely more genuine and accessible than the glam-throwback punk we’d seen on the cover of magazines like Alt Press over the last decade. Where do you think this movement is coming from?

Chase Brenneman: From the people who are sick of being barraged with shitty bands and shitty music. You’re exactly right, music isn’t very genuine anymore. Every band in AP 3 years ago looked exactly the same… Same swoop hair cut… Same ripped up, tight-ass jeans… Same tattoos… It’s really disheartening to see people eat that up. Seeing bands like Polar Bear Club, Balance and Composure, Title Fight, etc. get exposure in that magazine helps restore my faith a little bit.

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