MALEVOLENCE announce the name of their new album

MALEVOLENCE have set “Antithetical” as the name of their long-awaited new record, which will be their first since “Martyrialized”, which came out back in 1999.

In regards to the album’s title, singer/guitarist/songwriter Carlos Cariano states:

Antithetical is loaded with intoxicatingly corrosive contrasts whilst the album represents pure rebellion, a pure nonconformist extension towards the current situation of the globe, an upheaval towards the current language  that has no force of expression and no meaning, due to the predictability of words and counterfeit actions that have become commonplace worldwide. Inner strength and living values nowadays are negatively base underneath relative truths and we are expressing ourselves precisely antithetically whilst insisting on critical thinking.

No release date has been set, but it can be assumed that the album will be released this year.


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