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Need Help Choosing The Right DJ Equipment? Here’s How To Do It

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Honestly, it can be difficult choosing DJ equipment when you’re first starting. With the plenty selection and an array of brands to choose from, it becomes really hard to know what equipment to add to your setup.

When trying to select the right equipment, several things can go wrong. One of the many possibilities is that you may just be unfamiliar with certain types of hardware and what work they do, and thus, end up choosing the equipment you don’t need altogether. In this post, I will give you a guideline that even a beginner can follow to choose the right DJ equipment. I will take into consideration all of your choices and run through the function of each specific piece of equipment. Additionally, I will also give you various options and recommendations derived from personal experience.

Different Types Of DJ Setup

Technology has helped music to grow tremendously, especially with the development of new types of equipment that aid recording, mastering, and production. Today, there are several types of DJ setups anyone can choose from when first starting as a DJ or setting up a home DJ studio; some are sleek and require less equipment than others. For a setup on a very low budget, that is, the smallest possible setup, you can begin with just a good laptop and the right sets of software. Additional simple options include the use of only two turntables (vinyl or CD) and a mixer.

These two types of basic setups can be upgraded by adding an extra laptop with a DJ interface package for additional sound effects and options. For more flexibility, you should consider the addition of a DJ controller to your kit for sliders, pads, built-in turntables, and other important controls. In the case where you intend to work from MP3s instead of vinyl or CDs, then a small kit that includes a laptop, software, a controller, and an audio interface can get the job done.

Equipment Needed For DJ Setup

It is important to note that the choice of equipment combination varies among DJs, and that is often determined by individual expected output, financial capacity, and genre of music. However, irrespective of the choice of setup, some equipment is set for DJ setup. These essentials include;

  • Monitor speakers
  • Turntables
  • Mixers
  • Vinyl records or a laptop computer
  • Headphones
  • DJ software

Like I said earlier, certain styles require a special setup; this is why it is expedient to find out what works best for your musical selection by mixing and matching gears. There’s a lot of DJ equipment options out there, and it can be daunting for starters to choose, especially if you are looking to create high-quality sound. There are specific gears needed to create a fantastic listener experience.
Besides the crucial tips about tool selection explained above, below are a few extra but very important tips that can help you buy the right stuff.

DJ by Alexander Popov
DJ by Alexander Popov

Choose Your Medium Wisely

One of the biggest problems you need to be anxious about is having enough hard disk drive space to accommodate your digital library. A computer that can run fast and reliably is a must-buy if you want to avoid frustration. So, invest in a quick-loading, high-capacity hard disk drive, a fast processor, and higher RAM as your computer can utilize.

Control your Medium Well

Some key things to take into consideration are the variety of inputs and outputs, verifying if the unit has a built-in soundcard or not, and assessing how well the controller or mixer works with whatever software you intend to use.


Preferably, your choice of headphones should be a headphone that swivels easily so you can quickly compare the sound in the room to the sound of the next track you’re cueing up. Other features to consider are comfort on your ears and around your neck, coiled cables, loudness, and – of course – durability.

Light Up Your Performance

Yes, and I mean this literally. If you want to accentuate your DJ performance with super cool visuals, it is advised that you consider laser lighting because it looks fantastic all by itself; even more so when paired with a fog machine. Adding laser lighting to your setup can tremendously affect your audience experience, which is what you want –giving a performance that gets you applause and a standing ovation.
Getting the right equipment for DJ setup is not cheap, so if you are running on a modest budget, you might want to think it over. That said, you should be able to figure out the right equipment to create the perfect DJ setup for you with the help of this guide.



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