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New Hampshire punk rockers POLAROID LOVE embrace nostalgia on their truthful debut EP

Following the success of our previous features for Vermont hardcore band GET A GRIP (go here and here), featuring the ever-committed Rutland resident Nick Grandchamp, we have joined up with his new side project POLAROID LOVE to introduce you to their passionate debut record. Featuring members of RIVER CITY REBELS (ex Victory Records), these nice fellas are just getting started. Started in July 2015, they recorded these songs in the fall of 2016 in a basement of their practice space. The result is more melodically driven than edgy treats that GET A GRIP have accustomed us to, a heartfelt, lovable punk rock that doesn’t compromise on its raw performance and natural feel.

Catch the band live on February 3rd at Camp Grandchamp in Rutland, VT. Joining them on stage will be THE CRYPTICSTHE PATH (grab their new record HERE), and TIME OUT TIMMY.

Truths about love, heartache and the beauty in between.

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