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NIGHT BIRDS interviewed by Village Voice

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NIGHT BIRDS were recently interviewed by Village Voice Magazine.

New Jersey-via-Brooklyn-DIY-periphery act Night Birds have been hovering since about 2009, but they recently soared into a higher atmosphere, packing shows here and on the West Coast and garnering slobbering reviews for their debut LP The Other Side of Darkness (Grave Mistake) and recent singles (compiled on Fresh Kills Vol. 1 (Grave Mistake)). Their sound must’ve gone over well out in skate-punk land, since there is a bit of the old Posh Boy pep under their wings—bouncy bass, pissy harmonies, surf-y riffs. But in keeping with their working-class home base, Night Birds specializes in a trashy beer-braised bruising of the decidedly non-happy-go-halfpipe variety.

Go here to read the interview.


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