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Orchestral Punk stories continue: NOFX’s “The Decline” EP performed by an orchestra of 50 classical musicians

Cool, huh? Make sure to go here to read my recent interview with Luke Kelly, who has also been into orchestral punk experimentation. Wicked!

Credits for the video:

Baz / contact: [email protected] –

1st violin : Lisa Brachet, Leopoldine Gainet, Estelle Yager, Siew Yong Phua, Siew Luan Phua, Murielle Rakatobe, Lamya Mah
2nd violin : Jules Stella, Joseph Woerlen, Léna Vannson, Jean-Daniel Jacquot
Viola : Amélie Brachet, Violaine Lecoanet, Charlotte Rivier, Lorène Gedor
Cello : Camilo Ruiz, Gwendoline Giardino, Lucile Arnold, Camille Gorius, Manon Bertaux, Hugo Humbert
Double Bass : Alexandre Gilson, Rémi Claude, Clément Keller, Nicolas Dionis

Trumpet : Olivier Tuaillon, Jean-Christophe Minatti, Anatole Jeanson, Hugo Lutz
Trombone : Sylvain Richard, Alexandre Rabin, Carl Lelonge, Jérémy Lantenois
French Horns : Ludovic Derriere, Elisa Parisot, Agnès Merz, Maxence Bur
Tuba : Jérémie Barthélémy

Clarinet : Florent Charpentier, Danny Reber, Mateo Garcia
Oboe: Pauline Rouet-Chabaux, Géraldine Marchal, Clément Rose
Flute : Mélanie Pierrat, Margot Millotte, Erwan Pawlowicz
Soprano Saxophone : Guillaume Guedin
Bassoon : Anne Bihorel, Audrey Deny

Timpani : Jérémy Barnabé
Cymbals : Roxane Florimond
Bass Drum : Seb Pabst

Recorded live on March 2nd, 2015 at « Conservatoire du Grand Nancy », Nancy – France

Sound Engineer : Patrice Berger
Video Recording : Julien Berger, Claude Nay, Mr Fifi
Video Editing : Mr Fifi

Mr Fifi / contact : [email protected] –

Special thanks to Pascal Monlong, Laurence Brygo, Marie Dominé, J-P Bouix, WIBmedia and to everyone involved in this project.

Here’s the original track:

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