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Orchestral Punk stories continue: NOFX’s “The Decline” EP performed by an orchestra of 50 classical musicians

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Cool, huh? Make sure to go here to read my recent interview with Luke Kelly, who has also been into orchestral punk experimentation. Wicked!

Credits for the video:

Baz / contact: [email protected] –

1st violin : Lisa Brachet, Leopoldine Gainet, Estelle Yager, Siew Yong Phua, Siew Luan Phua, Murielle Rakatobe, Lamya Mah
2nd violin : Jules Stella, Joseph Woerlen, Léna Vannson, Jean-Daniel Jacquot
Viola : Amélie Brachet, Violaine Lecoanet, Charlotte Rivier, Lorène Gedor
Cello : Camilo Ruiz, Gwendoline Giardino, Lucile Arnold, Camille Gorius, Manon Bertaux, Hugo Humbert
Double Bass : Alexandre Gilson, Rémi Claude, Clément Keller, Nicolas Dionis

Trumpet : Olivier Tuaillon, Jean-Christophe Minatti, Anatole Jeanson, Hugo Lutz
Trombone : Sylvain Richard, Alexandre Rabin, Carl Lelonge, Jérémy Lantenois
French Horns : Ludovic Derriere, Elisa Parisot, Agnès Merz, Maxence Bur
Tuba : Jérémie Barthélémy

Clarinet : Florent Charpentier, Danny Reber, Mateo Garcia
Oboe: Pauline Rouet-Chabaux, Géraldine Marchal, Clément Rose
Flute : Mélanie Pierrat, Margot Millotte, Erwan Pawlowicz
Soprano Saxophone : Guillaume Guedin
Bassoon : Anne Bihorel, Audrey Deny

Timpani : Jérémy Barnabé
Cymbals : Roxane Florimond
Bass Drum : Seb Pabst

Recorded live on March 2nd, 2015 at « Conservatoire du Grand Nancy », Nancy – France

Sound Engineer : Patrice Berger
Video Recording : Julien Berger, Claude Nay, Mr Fifi
Video Editing : Mr Fifi

Mr Fifi / contact : [email protected] –

Special thanks to Pascal Monlong, Laurence Brygo, Marie Dominé, J-P Bouix, WIBmedia and to everyone involved in this project.

Here’s the original track:

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