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Phil Rind says SACRED REICH have no plans to record a new album

In an interview at the Wacken Open Air festival, which took place last month in Germany, bassist/vocalist Phil Rind explains why SACRED REICH haven’t released any new material since they reunited a couple years ago.

Our lives are different now. I mean, it’s funny… Our old drummer Dave’s in Machine Head and they’re touring and doing great; they’re very successful. And I said to the other guys in Sacred Reich recently, I wouldn’t even wanna get back into a full recording and touring cycle. I wouldn’t wanna be gone from my family. I have four kids. As much as I like this, as much as I appreciate the fans, what’s important — the family or playing live music? I mean, really?! What’s important — being a dad to my kids? My kids need their dad more than the fans need a new Sacred Reich record. And that’s really the bottom line. It’s a choice. We have a choice to make. What do you wanna do? You have kids now. What are you gonna do — blow it off or are you gonna be their dad? The world will be a better place if I’m my kids’ dad.

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