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Post BLINK-182 era: Tom DeLonge premieres new unreleased track; launches new multimedia company

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Tom DeLonge recently unveiled that he would release a new record with some new songs, which almost instantly fired a buch of speculations about Tom publishing unreleased BLINK-182 tracks, initially meant for the band’s next record. Apart from the new album, Tom has also launched a new multimedia copany of the same name.

GO HERE to read about the band’s break-up and scroll down to hear the new track!


He commented:

As an artist I have been fascinated by many differing mediums. Music, books, graphic novels, films, concept art etc…. I created a company called To The Stars, it is a trans-media company creating multimedia franchised art… Art and stories that can go on forever while constantly being reimagined on different mediums. We are doing a little bit of all those things at To The Stars. And we will be launching in April for the all world to see. My goal is to collaborate with some of the best artists around the world with all of us working together and doing it independently- As artists should be. I am looking to (hopefully) do my second feature film this summer. Because I like having myself some Strange Times with close friends

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