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Punk rock band UNIFORMS break up (2011-2015)

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The parting shot from the band is the “Pink Couch” EP, which is available for free/pay-what-you-want download from the Make That A Take Records and below.

Photo by Craig MacKay (Get It Together).

Being in UNIFORMS has been a life-changing experience for me. Punk rock sometimes truly does have healing powers. Being part of this band helped pull me through the darkest period of my life, from the death of my father and everything that followed with it to sobriety, recovery and everything else that comes with it.

I will forever be thankful to my brothers for supporting me through the darkest days; for the unity, for the shared experiences, for the loyalty, for the music, for the love. With that love comes honesty and a responsibility to do what is best for the collective health and well-being of everyone involved, and it is with that in mind that we bring this chapter of the story to a close. I am very proud of my brothers and everything that we’ve done together. We have stood together through things that may have destroyed others. We have always done things with great intensity and (I hope) integrity.

Words are inadequate to express the depth of the gratitude we have for everyone who took a chance on and supported our silly punk rock band. UNIFORMS has been therapy for me, the soundtrack to our lives and a central focus of existence for the last three and a half years. For that I shall be forever grateful.

While our end may come as a surprise to some, it is not a decision that has been made lightly but I truly believe that it will be for the best in the long run, no matter how sad it may be right now. There is nobody more gutted about this than me but sometimes you just have to be a zen motherfucker. While there may be questions, rest assured that this is a decision based on love. There is no drama, no heel turn, no Gainesville screwjob. If you listen to the songs, it’s all in there.

We apologise to those who went to bat for us as regards the European Tour of which UNIFORMS will no longer be a part and to anyone that we may have disappointed. I shall be joining our comrades in Get It Together on the road and will be playing some of the shows solo.

All of our shit will continue to be available for free/pay-what-you-want download here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who joined us on this ride.

It’s been somewhat emotional.



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