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Punk rockers VERSUS THE WORLD (members of Lagwagon, Good Riddance) announce new album “The Bastards Live Forever”

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“I can’t tell you how much work went into this collection of songs. I was always taught that if what you’re working on isn’t the best, you should start over. You should never put something out there that you’re not absolutely convinced of,” says VERSUS THE WORLD vocalist Donald Ashley Spence. The band’s new perfectly thought-out punk rock album contains 11 anthems and represents a milestone this year for both the band and the punk rock landscape!

The first single “Roadsick/Roadsick” will be released on February 24 with a video premiere on March 2nd.

“I can’t tell you how much work went into this collectionof songs.I’d always been taught that if what you were working on wasn’t (what you thought) was your best… start over. Never put anything into the world that you were not absolutely sure of.”, says singer Donald Ashley Spence.

And that is what happened: “The Bastards Live Forever” is due May 2023 via SBÄM Records and consists of 11 songs crafted to perfection. VTW’s unique style of melodic punk rock elevates every member’s skill from their other projects including Chris Flippin of Lagwagon. Obviiously Versus The World are not all about musical craft but you can hear a passion and an urge to scream out deeply rooted feelings in every syllable throught the record.


On Febuary 24 the first of four singles prior to the album will be released: “Roadsick/Roadsick” is a bridge between the last record and what we are moving towards as a band. I’m lucky to have shared this moment with Sean, Flip,Tony, & Pat on record. Meeting Cameron Webb, and him signing on as our producer only made things better.”, says Donald implying that the album was produced by famous producer Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Sum 41, Megadeath and more).

Versus the World is a band from Santa Barbara, California that plays a mix of post-hardcore and pop punk. The band was formed by Donald Spence and Mike Davenport. They released their first album, also called “Versus the World,” in September 2005.

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