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Reimagining punk rock: Fat Mike Gets Strung Out

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A music landscape forever altered, an extraordinary harmony born from unconventional minds — this is what emerges when punk meets classical. Fat Mike of NOFX has united with his close ally, Bastien “BAZ” Brisson, for a project that subverts expectation: Fat Mike Gets Strung Out. Announced today, the project invites listeners on a unique auditory adventure, recalibrating punk anthems into something profoundly symphonic.

The novel record is set to officially launch on September 15th, but eager fans can delight in a tantalizing preview — “Fuck Day Six” is now streaming on all digital platforms. If your anticipation has been adequately stoked, there’s no need to hold back — pre-order the album and snag a bundle item before they’re gone.

Why transmute punk songs into strings, one might ask? “It’s not because I always like to push my limits,” muses Fat Mike. It’s about curiosity. It’s about reinvention. It’s about stripping down the songs to their bare essentials, discarding guitar chords, vocals, and backup vocals to expose every note in its purest form.

For Fat Mike, it was about listening to his songs anew, discovering sadness in a tune even in the absence of words. He yearned for a creation that could bridge the divide between generations — something his parents would have played at a dinner party if they were still alive. But it wasn’t all about introspection and emotional exploration. This project was also about broadening horizons, creating a piece of music that could resonate with more than just punk fans.

“I wanted to hear what my songs sound like without guitar chords and those pesky vocals and backup vocals. I wanted to hear every note in its purest form.” – Fat Mike

Above all, the album reflects an artist’s desire to explore the uncharted territories of his craft. “But mostly, I just wanted to have fun making an album I had never made before,” confesses Fat Mike. The creative thrill of novelty, the audacity to redefine one’s sonic landscape, that’s what Fat Mike Gets Strung Out captures.

And as they say, creativity begets creativity. No sooner is this album completed than Fat Mike and Baz find themselves at the brink of another project. “And guess what? Baz and I are almost done with the next album. Fun!” teases Fat Mike.

In “Fat Mike Gets Strung Out,” we witness a radical reimagining of a punk legacy. We’re invited to hear familiar melodies in an entirely new light, to appreciate the depth and complexity hidden beneath their punk rock origins.

Order your copy here.

Track Listing

1. One Million Coasters
2. Life… Oh What a Drag
3. Medio-Core
4. The Art of Protest
5. Total Bummer
6. I’m a Rat
7. Fuck Day Six
8. She’s Gone
9. The Desperation’s Gone
10. La Pieta

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