ROLLERGIRLS say hello after their Summer tour and issue their first official word for IDIOTEQ

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Discovered in late July, ROLLERGIRLS are responsible for an amazing full length “Satisfied With Less” that was released on an unsuspecting audience back in November 2013. They are back with some new music, ready to deliver more amazing post hardcore / emo / sentimental punk rock tunes that truly showcase their solid song writing.Upon first listen, one could be forgiven for mistaking ROOLLERGIRLS for the soundtrack to an ambitious movie or a tender love memoir. The melodies, the emotions, the honesty – it’s all there, but there’s even more space for reflection, playing around, and a quieter conversation. You’ll love it.

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The following interview was conducted in mid-September.

Hey guys! What’s up!? You’ve just wrapped up your mini tour with WHITE BOYS WITH PROBLEMS. Was it fun?

Nick: Oh yeah it was fun. In the beginning we had a little respect for the distances between some of the cities, but especially the long ride from Plzen to Krakow was defenitly worth it. The kids were going crazy and we had one of the most fun shows so far. Besides our friend Daniel (aka WHITE BOY PROBLEMS) two more friends were joining the team driving the van, selling merch, taking pictures, getting us drunk with good vodka, cheering us up. They are Patrick from BE!TIGER and Yannick from ALDO RAINE, two bands you should check out!

Thanks! I was just about to ask about the Krakow show. Was it your first time in Poland?

Nick: Yes it was, and we didn’t know what to expect. So we were happily suprised as people knew the lyrics and sang along with us. Everyone treated us extremely well and we really want to come back next year and travel to some more places in Poland.

What struck you most of all in the places you visited? How many shows have you played so far and how long has the band been going on before this recent tour?

Dave: There were so many awesome shows. We’ve played one show in a flat (casa del wespio) in Aachen during our release tour last year. The kitchen was crowded with good friends, it was smelly and wet and we had the best party you could wish for on tour. But being one thousand kilometers from home and having people you don’t know dancing and singing along to your songs makes Krakow definitely the show of the year.

The band itself was founded in 2005. Nick, Christoph and two other friends started ROLLERGIRLS as a screamo band. Later in 2007 the genre switched to post-rock with no singing at all. I joined the Band in 2010. In 2012 we completely restarted this project and became the band we are now. Which doesn’t mean there is an end to our progress in writing songs.

Since 2012 we’ve played 40-50 shows. Mostly in Germany but also in Austria and of course the recent shows in Czech Republic and Poland.

Can you talk a little bit about the musical environment in your neighbourhood? What were some of the craziest local shows you attended there?

Nick: We’re lucky to have one of the best venues for diy shows here in Darmstadt. It’s called Oetinger Villa and is located in an old mansion which is quite impressive and unique. Friends of us organize punk/hardcore shows there every week or two.

I remind the craziest shows to be back in 2004-2008 such as AN ALBATROSS, THE LOCUST, … We were +/-18 years old and it was a musically influential time for us. Nowadays the annual AYC festival is highly recommended, and to see NOT ON TOUR at the Oetinger Villa is always crazy!

In our wider neighbourhood there are great bands such as RADARE, 52HERTZ, BIRMINGHAM PINES, SLEEP KIT… There’s also a brand new band from our hometown called PSSGS, they’re soon to release their first tape. Luckily we were already able to give it a listen and it’s great! Here’s one first song.

Dave: ALGERNON CADWALLADER, RVIVR, SPORT and THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE AND I AM NO LONGER AFRAID TO DIE, … Great bands and also an awesome live experience. But despite all the punky sing along music, I am always in for some doomy music when it comes to crazy live shows. One of the craziest for me was also in the Oetinger Villa about 3 years ago: MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE. This show has opened my mind in a lol way.

Haha, that’s right! Btw, PSSGS’ record premiere and interview has just been premiered on IDIOTEQ :)

Ok guys, it’s been some time since you released your first LP “Satisfied With Less” via Fear Of Heights Records. When can we expect some more quality tunes from ROLLERGIRLS?

Nick: We had a good run writing “Satisfied With Less”. It felt easy and relieving to write those ten songs after finding ourselves stuck in the repetitiveness of the post-rock genre. Now it seems like we lost this flow somehow as we don’t want to repeat ourselves again. I think this is the problem of most musicians after their first album. Anyway we have 3 or 4 new songs and concentrate on writing now. When or how there’s gonna be a new release we don’t know yet. Here you can get a first idea of where it might go:

Are there things that you plan ahead when you think about a set of new tunes? Is it a concept that grows from one idea?

Dave: We sometimes look back and try to build a song on top of what we already have. But most of the time it’s trying out something new and fresh. When we were making the songs for Satisfied with less, we never knew how the next song would sound like. Even if we tried to do something like making another Bombs song, it always ended up being something new.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this initial check in, buddies. Is there anything you’d like to add, or promote here? Any upcoming gigs you’d like to advertise? Thanks for your time!

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