SHORT ATTENTION stream new 7”

New York City’s SHORT ATTENTION, featuring members of THE ERGS!, STEINWAYS, DIRT BIKE ANNIE, HOUSE BOAT, UNLOVEABLES, SLAUGHTERHOUSE FOUR and more bands, are streaming their second 7” entitled “Polished Turds: 25 Decent Songs And On By Chris Grivet”, released via No Breaks Records.

Go here to stream it!


Here’s the official bio:

Founded by Christian Stefos of the Tattle Tales and featuring members (and former members) of the Ergs, the Unlovables, Dirt Bike Annie, the Steinways, and the Slaughterhouse Four, the quirky punk-pop group Short Attention released their first EP, Clever, Maddening and Annoying, on Cold Feet Records in 2007. (Meanwhile, Stefos parted ways with the group.) A year later, Mikey Erg (drums, guitars, vocals), Dan Paquin (guitar, drums, vocals), Chelsea (vocals), Chadd Derkins (guitar, vocals), and Grath Madden (bass, vocals) returned with Polished Turds: 25 Decent Songs and 1 by Chris Grivet.

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