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SILVER SNAKES interviewed by Bang Style

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SILVER SNAKES were recently interviewed by Bang Style magazine.

Silver Snakes1

You’ve been a mainstay in the Los Angeles music scene awhile (Cathedrals, etc). What about Los Angeles has kept you here?

Alex Estrada: The band and my studio are the only reasons I’ve stuck around for this long. I thought about moving to Oregon in 2009 but my plans sort of fell through. It definitely worked out for the best. I’m completely focused on the band and I’ve been really busy producing records for other bands so I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

What would you say is your biggest influence lyrically? Sonically?

AE: 16 horsepower, Q and not U, Lack, Fiona apple and Billy Corgan are huge influences on me Lyrically/vocally.

For the most part, I write lyrics as if they were a movie script. There is a lot of back and forth dialog between characters, onlookers etc. The content really depends on whatever I’m pissed off about at a given moment. Sometimes it’s something that personally affects me and other times I’m just describing a hypothetical situation. Sonically, the record was influenced by a lot of bands from the 90s and early 2000s. Lack, Engine Down, At the Drive in, Hum and Recover, to name a few.

We are actually writing right now for a summer release and I’m really stoked on the direction it’s headed in. The newer stuff is darker and heavier but not as straightforward.


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