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Ska punks KILL LINCOLN stream their new EP “Good Riddance to Good Advice”

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Somewhere between NEW FOUND GLORY and LESS THAN JAKE would be a good starting point for anyone that is unfamiliar with the D.C. group KILL LINCOLN. On their previous releases That’s Cool…In A Totally Negative and Destructive Way and You Were There the band built a foundation based on combining ska, pop-punk, and hardcore. This new EP sounds incredibly focused with each instrument providing calculated parts that keep the listener hooked.

Jump Start Records commented:

We’ve teamed up with For the Love of Punk to bring you a full stream of Good Riddance to Good Advice. As always, we would like to extend a huge “thank you” to their staff for being so supportive of our bands. If you click on the album art at the top of the newsletter or right here you can stream the EP. We will be launching pre-orders for the CD tomorrow! We will have a combo package available or the options to buy just the digital or CD version. If you’re wondering about vinyl you’ll just have to wonder for a while longer. As of now our plan is to simply get the CD pressed so the band has a product to tour behind. Speaking of touring, the band will be heading out on a full US tour starting March 6th. The dates and poster are below.



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