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Slovenski Punk Rock Portal streaming their new compilation!

Published by Slovenski Punk Rock, ZPP DIY record label, the compilation consists of 24 songs from local punk rock and melodic hardcore bands from Slovenia. There are 12 bands on the album and each of them contributed 2 songs. Check it out and order your copy through the player below.

Here’s the official word from the label:

You can find very different styles and genres of punk on the record, because the whole point was to capture a large place as possible, that covers alternative music of that kind. The indie band Čao Portorož found itself on the compilation as band of the month for January. They combine different styles, from rock’n’roll and garage rock, all the way to punk rock and alternative rock. As band of the month February we choose the band Gužva u Bajt, wich follows the punk ideals in which they see an alternative to cheesy punk bands. “Mozak jim je pun(k)! english: Brain full of punk!”. The hardcore punk band Pungert fascinated us in march, with their lyrics that speak about enjoying life and the human reason which sometimes plays tricks on us. For April we choose the trio Harry from Ajdovščina (small city in Slovenia), with their album “Dead city system” a melodic hc punk rock masterpiece. A month later we wisited Ajdovščina again, to hear the first album from a band called Start at Zero. We were stunned by their melodic punk rock style. The band of the month for june became 3=Pijančki which attacked with their agro punk rock album “Prihaja Trojka” (eng: Trojka will come).

In the first month of the second half of the year we focused on the (goriški) quartet Neverend, which published their first album “Nothing is Complete”, their music was highly influenced by numereus Californian skate punk bands. In August after 3=Pjančki we found ourselves in Železniki (small city in Slovenia) once again. Band Trifor60 excited us with their punk-hardcore-crust album “Kdo Odloča?” eng: Who decide?, in which they represent their views on today’s society and criticism. After a long time, the hardcore band Odpisani returned and surprised us with a new album in which they send us the message ˝Bodite ljudje, ne ovce!˝ (eng: Be people, not sheep!). The album “Šah Mat” received a lot of positive feedback on the local music scene. In October, Beer for Breakfast rewarded us with their first full-length issue “Bar Riot” and harder punk sounds, while the songwriting is directed on the problems of the world and system we ended up being caught it. A month later, the members of White Stain published their first record “Attached”, which is more of a modern style punk-rock. Through their lyrics they express their emotions and critics directed towards greater social equality and awareness. And finally, the album “Free Lobotomy”, from the underground gutter in Koroška, by the band UnderPodnGrabn. Their sound is a mix of various alter genres, from hardcore and punk to garage rock and grunge. They use their music and lyrics as a tool to signal their critical view on the society and their norms to the listeners.

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