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SOCIAL DISTORTION guitarist talks about the band making new records

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SOCIAL DISTORTION guitarist Jonny “2 Bags” Wickersham recently spoke to Minnesota Daily about making records and why it took a long time to make “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes”, which surfaced last year.

He states:

It takes so much time mostly just because we’re on the road all the time. It’s not important to try and rush anything out. We can just kind of tell when we are ready to put one out. It’s not what a lot of bands do, but I’ve noticed even with a lot of bands that I love, once they’ve put out like 15 albums, I start to lose interest. So we don’t want that to happen.

Jonny also commented on the possibility of the band releasing another record in less than seven or eight years. He states:

It gives a chance for the sound to change or evolve. We’re still Social D, and we don’t really take off in any crazy direction. But we’re still gonna grow as musicians and give ourselves time.

You can read the rest of the conversation here.


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