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Southeast Asian emo indie punk bands TAPESTRY / BEESWAX / SOCIAL CIRCUIT streaming new split to tuck you right in

Singapore’s sad, screamy emo punk rockers TAPESTRY (known from their 2017 split with screamo patrons COMA REGALIA) have unveiled the stream of their new interesting split with Indonesian 90s alt emo punk band BEESWAX and Malaysian emo indie pop punk rockers SOCIAL CIRCUIT! Released through Dangerous Goods and Langen Srawa Records, the digital version of the record can be checked out below! The release seems to have retained the identity this mixture of styles and subgenres established years ago, making for a nice new collaboration that’s not only welcome, but one that’s necessary. Despite three different vibes, the record has more of a cohesive sound and feel, and you should definitely check it out if you’re a fan of the genre!




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