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STOMPER 98 record release tour with STIGMA and THE OLD FIRM CASUALS (May 2013) [UPDATE]

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STOMPER 98 will be embarking on their record release tour in May 2013. The tour will start on May 2nd and will end up on May 11th. Joining them on the road will be THE OLD FIRM CASUALS and STIGMA!

stomper 98

Tour Dates:
23.02. Magdeburg – Factory (Germany) – STOMPE 98 solo
02.05. Prague – Futurum Musicbar (Czech Republic)
03.05. Dresden – Scheune (Germany)
04.05. Berlin – K17 (Germany)
05.05. Wien – Viper Room (Austria)
06.05. Weinheim – Cafe Central (Germany)
07.05. Paris – Le Batofar (France)
08.05. Antwerpen – Trix (Germany)
09.05. Strasbourg – Tattoo World (France)
10.05. Oberhausen – Kulttempel (Germany)
11.05. Schramberg – Randale Meeting (Germany)

The band will be performing one more show this year with IRON CROSS. Go here to see the full IRON CROSS November/December trek.

STOMPER 98 was founded in Januar 1998. The line up with Niko (vocals), Holgi (saxophon), Sebi (bass), Michel (guitar), Nudel (guitar) and Shorty (drums) was completed in October 1998, the songs recorded up to then were musically revised and improved.
At the end of October 1998 six songs were recorded in the studio and 4 of them have been published in February 1999 on the first EP which appeared on Blind Beggar Records. The first concert happened to take place in Göttingen on 6. October 1998 with Les Partisans from France, this time still without Nudel.

But already at the next gig with Oxymoron in November 1998 the conplete line up played on stage, since then gigs started to become regular for example with bands like Templars, Gundog, Troopers, Daily Terror, Verlorene Jungs, 4 Promille, Pöbel&Gesocks and many more.
In between new songs were composed and at the end of July 1999 the band went to the studio again to record the songs for the LP “Stomping Harmonists”. This first longplayer was published in November 1999 at D.S.S. Records (Austria), and simultaneously the Split-EP “We stick together” recorded with the Templars; also at D.S.S. Records. In December 1999 our guitarist Michel decided to leave the band, as a consequence the band performed a whole year without a second guitarist. In June 2000 the recordings to “The I.S.P. Connestion” with the Templars happened to take place in the studio in Göttingen.
This 10” appeared at D.S.S Records for the I.S.P Christmas Tour in December 2000. Since January 2001 our new guitarist Flacke completes the line up of the band. At the end of March 2001 our singer Niko voluntarily left the band, but luckily we already found a new one in Guido.

In December 2001 our second Split-EP with the Devilskins from Switzerland/Italy has been realeased, the songs on this Split-EP had been recorded with our old singer Niko.

From October 2001 till October 2002 we were recording the songs for our second longplayer. This LP/CD called “Jetzt erst recht!” has been published in February 2003, on D.S.S. Records – as usual. At the end of February 2003 Shorty, our drummer, has left the band on is own request. We played the next gigs with Sascha (Riot Company) on the drums.

In july 2004 Our line-up changed once again. Guido is not anymore our singer. In january 2005 we played the Punk & Disorderly Festival in Berlin. It was the first time with Sebi on bass and vocals. Nudel also had some singing parts. But it didn’t take a long time and the line up changed again. Nudel left the band in july 2005 because of moving to Hildesheim. He joined Riot Company a short time after Sascha from Riot Company joined us. So Sascha left Stomper 98 as well. We thougt about what to do and decided to carry on. Phil Templar should become our new drummer. We already had asked him if he would like to play for Stomper 98 a little time before Sascha joined us. Now we are proud to introduce him as our new drummer. And on guitar there will be Tommi Toxpack playing with us. So, we have a new line-up now and we can play gigs as usual. So we will work a lot on our new album, before we will play some gigs.

THE OLD FIRM CASUALS are an American street punk band from San Francisco, Ca. They have released 7″ eps on Oi! The Boat Records and Randale Records. The band members are: Casey Watson (bass & vocals) who was in Hardcore bands “LOOK BACK AND LAUGH” & “NEVER HEALED”: Paul Rivas (drums & vocals)drums from “NEVER HEALED” : Lars Frederiksen (guitar & vocals) Who’s currently in “RANCID” (and always will be) & LARS FREDERIKSEN AND THE BASTARDS”.

Vinnie Stigma – the name is synonymous with not only New York Hardcore, but with hardcore and punk rock in general. “The Godfather of Hardcore” has been a pillar of the punk community since the early 80s, when he founded the legendary Agnostic Front. As a member of Agnostic Front, then Madball, then back to Agnostic Front, he’s played guitar on countless, classic records. With “New York Blood,” his

first solo record, Vinny steps to the forefront.

“New York Blood” is chock full of punk rock anthems that will have people pounding beers and singing along after the first listen!

What started as a conversation between Vinnie Stigma and Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) on tour back in 2003, has materialized into a modern punk rock classic and full band (featuring Mike Gallo, Agnostic Front). “New York Blood” was produced by Jamey Jasta and Phil Caivano (former guitarist of Monster Magnet, who also engineered and played guitar on the record) and was mixed and mastered by Zeus (Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Shadow’s Fall).

PUBLISHED on September 21, 2012.
UPDATED on November 12, 2012 – STIGMA and THE OLD FIRM CASUALS added.

UPDATED on December 7, 2012 – tour dates revealed.
UPDATED on December 16, 2012 – more dates revealed.
UPDATED on December 21, 2012.
UPDATED on February 8, 2013 – more dates added./strong

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