SUIS LA LUNE signs with Topshelf Records

Swedish screamo band SUIS LA LUNE have signed with Topshelf Records.

The band will release their new album called “Riala” later this year.

The label comments:

Last year, Pianos Become the Teeth toured Europe with now great friends and label mates, Suis La Lune. They came back to the US with nothing but praise and high esteem for them. We’re obviously fans of the band and what they’ve done, but we’d never really worked with an international band on a project from start to finish and just had never really given it much thought until that point.

So after mulling it over some, today we’re happy to announce that we’ll be working with Sweden’s Suis La Lune in releasing their next LP, Riala. This marks the first international act that we’ve worked with entirely from start to finish on a release. The band is self-producing Riala, which will be released this spring.

Here’s a statement the band wrote up about it all:

Six years after our debut album and countless tours in both Europe and the US, it is finally time for the sophomore album entitled Riala to see the light of day. Still with the mix of calm and hectic passages present, the sound has evolved into what almost feels like complex pop songs; more melodic, catchier and with as much passion as ever before. Suis La Lune is happy to present their latest effort and proudest moment to date via Topshelf Records in the spring of 2012.

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