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Swiss indie punk rockers SMOOLS premiere new EP “We Said Never”

Swiss indie punk rock’n’rollers SMOOLS are proud to unveil the full stream of their new EP “We Said Never”, recorded in their own studio, mixed at Brauereisound in Zurich, and mastered by Steve Nagasaki at Nagasaki Sound Studios. The record will be officially out tomorrow and will be available on vinyl directly from the band (order via [email protected]). Take a listen below and stay tuned for live shows, as the SMOOLS are gearing up for some live shows in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

SMOOLS‘ version of DIY punk tinged rock’n’roll isn’t challenging or too confrontational, but it’s still engaging and fun! “We Said Never” sounds surprisingly consistent considering the recording session would be a crazy rush job for any bigger band. There’s no shortage of creativity or entertainment to be found here, but let’s hope we’ll see their craft improved even moreon their next record. Listen and share yoour thoughts in the comments section below.

The band commented:

“We Said Never” was Smools approach to make an EP,- from the recordings to the release on the bands own label I.N.E.S.-, on their own. We were able to work on the tracks as we wanted to and had enough time to try out different stuff.

In the end, we mostly used the settings we use, when we’re playing live and made the record as natural and real as possible, without trying to sound “perfect”. I think that’s the reason why we decided to make a real record with these 5 tracks and give it to the people, who are interested in real bands who have real passion for what their doing and don’t try to sound better than the newest high produced record out there.

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