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TALLHART / BELLE HISTOIRE tour dates; ED TULLETT split details

TALLHART and BELLE HISTOIRE are teaming up for a summer tour this August. Check out the dates below.

On July 17, Equal Vision will be releasing a very special split 7″ featuring TALLHART and ED TULLETT.

Side A of the 7″ will feature Tallhart covering Peter Gabriel’s “I Grieve,” and Side B is a remastered version of the Brighton, UK-based artist Ed Tullett’s “Eventual Body.” The vinyl will be a limited edition pressing of 500 albums on transparent red. Both Tallart and Tullett will have 100 copies available at shows, and another 300 will be available through

And we have the FILTER Premiere of the Tallhart/Ed Tullett 7″ featuring the online streams of “I Grieve” and “Eventual Body.”

Tallhart’s cover of “I Grieve” is the perfect accompaniment to Tullet’s quiet “Eventual Body.” Its hushed poignance rattles you to your bones. And when listening to this song, you feel as though you understand the lyrics and what it means to grieve for another. It is certainly a proper cover.

Tullett recently released his first full-length album, Never Joy, via Bandcamp, so this will be his first U.S. physical release. And if his talent wasn’t enough, Tullett is only 18. This fresh talent sure has shown us what he’s made of, especially with the remastering of “Eventual Body.” A song as haunting and warm as this belongs on vinyl.

Listen to the FILTER Premiere of the melancholic Tallhart/Ed Tullett split below.

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