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THE GUNDOWN European tour dates

Spanish punk rock band THE GUNDOWN needs your help with their February European tour.

Here’s the message:

We’re THE GUNDOWN, a punk rock band form Spain. We’ve tried to book an European tour and we thought it was working but last week we had a lot of canceled shows and the tour is really fucked up…
We’ve released a new 7″, printed new t-shirts, we’ve rented a good back line to rock hard every night, we’ve bought the flights so we’re trying hard to keep the tour.

Just wanted the chance to play and sell some t-shirts. We’re open minded guys and we can play with any kind of bands. We can take risk of getting no money but we can’t take the risk of not playing shows. So PLEASE if you know any promoter in your area that could help us please write us. We can accept the worst deal if we can play!

Do not hesitate to contact the band at [email protected]

Tour Dates:
February 8th (Wednesday) – Praha (with Leatherface)
February 9th (Thursday) – Praha (Cafe Na Pul Cesty)
February 10th (Friday) – East Germany (TBC!!)
February 11th (Saturday) – East -Middle Germany (TBC!!)
February 12th (Sunday) – West Germany – Belgium – Netherlands (TBC!!)
February 13th (Monday) – Leiden (Netherlands)
February 14th (Tuesday) – Koln area (TBC!!)
February 15th (Wednesday) – Frankfurt- Stuttgard (TBC!!!)
February 16th (Thursday) – East Germany – West Austria (TBC!!!)
February 17th (Friday) – Zagreb – Croatia
February 18th (Saturday) – Zrenjadin (Serbia)
February 19th (Sunday) – Debrecen (Hungary)

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