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THE OFFSPRING singer talks to Rolling Stone about “Days Go By”

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THE OFFSPRING singer Dexter Holland was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone, where he talks about the band’s upcoming album “Days Go By”, which drops on June 26th.

He states:

Part of why I chose ‘Days Go By’ as the single and the title of the album is because it really kind of shows – not only with me – that the world has been through a shitty few years and it’s been really tough on a lot of people. People have really gotten hurt and, at the end of the day, no one’s gonna pick you up. You’ve gotta pick yourself up and figure out how to move on. So I guess acknowledging that it’s been tough, but also having a message of hope, is what I really wanted people to take away from this record.

You can read what else Holland has to say here.a href=””

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