VIOLENT MAGIC ORCHESTRA: an intense sonic and visual juggernaut return to Europe this October

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Violent Magic Orchestra
Violent Magic Orchestra

Presented with their signature flair, VMO’s “DEATH RAVE” isn’t just another art project but an audacious mix of the sonorous violence of black metal and the relentless thump of techno, muddled with noise and industrial sounds.

It promises not just an aural but a full-blown sensory experience, courtesy of its avant-garde visuals and enveloping strobe lights.

“We’re bringing Europe a new experience that forces people to dance and mosh at the same time.” – says the band.

VMO: A Kaleidoscope of Musical Brutality

With ties to Vampillia, a dominating presence like the vocalist “ZASTAR”, and the entrancing visuals of Kezzardrix, VMO isn’t just another band. It’s a compelling fusion of techno, black metal, industrial, and noise.

Picture it: the haunting ethos of black metal meeting the mechanical heart of Kraftwerk, only for Aphex Twin to be intruded upon by Burzum.

The sheer energy of a VMO performance isn’t metaphorical. Their shows command a staggering 5000 Watts of power, tantamount to 60 amplifiers, with larger venues demanding even more. Their album ‘Catastrophic Anonymous’ further bolsters their reputation — a collaborative endeavour with Pete Swanson and French composer Paul Régumbeau. It’s a cataclysmic experience, a roller coaster of sub-bass, aggressive beats, and black metal onslaughts.

Behind the Curtains

Born from a desire to meld electronic music with the soul of black metal — and drenched in fantasy, humour, stunning visuals, and theatrics — VMO is a collective that resonates with this vision. Speaking of aspirations, if the world were free of boundaries, they dream of a stage illuminated by the most impeccable LED visuals, potent strobe lights, and lasers that unleash wavy onslaughts.

“If we had them, our stage would be more aggressive, and the audience would get an experience beyond LIVE.” – said the band in their recent interview.

Violent Magic Orchestra

In a candid revelation, VMO shares their penchant for the purity of Tasmania — a love for its seafood, nature, and notably, STRIBORG. Their upcoming LP, Death Rave, has been a three-year journey of evolving their sound, where fantasy takes shape, the melancholy turns humorous, and the result is a chaotic, dance-like rhapsody.

While collaborations with the likes of vocalist Attila from Sunn O))) and MAYHEM are noteworthy, VMO confesses a desire to work with Aphex Twin and Bjork, emphasizing their shared love for visuals.

The reaction from their audience has been eclectic. From moshing to dancing, from stunned expressions to closed eyelids — unable to withstand the brilliance of their show. The initial allure of black metal for them? The authenticity of early black metal bands like XASTHUR and LEVIATHAN.

To say VMO has mastered their niche would be an understatement. As a testament, their video for “Supergaze” stands as a brutal testimony. Music enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate their forthcoming LP Death Rave, set to drop sometime later in of 2023 via Never Sleep.


In the ever-evolving world of music, VMO stands as an avant-garde testament, pushing boundaries and redefining genres, one riff, and one beat at a time.

VMO Tour Dates:

Violent Magic Orchestra

10.05 Thu Glazart – Paris/FR
10.06 Fri Skunu Mesz – Riga/LT
10.07 Sat OCCII – Amsterdam/NL
10.08 Sun Urban Spree – Berlin/NL
10.11 Wed Rotonde Botanique – Brussels/BE
10.12 Thu De Roes – Gent/NL
10.13 Fri SoulcrusheFestival – Nijmegen/NL
10.14 Sat Night of the Surprise – Cologne/DE
10.16 Mon The Black Heart – London/UK
10.19 Thu DUNK – Oslo/NO
10.21 Sat Blitz Club – Munich/DE

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