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Whispers from the abyss: Dark sludge doom metallers AKRAIA re-release their 2022 “mistress” on vinyl

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In the haunting realm of unsung evils, where mankind’s deepest, most terrifying recesses dare not tread, there emerges a malevolent resonance—a sound borne of ancient demons and the darkest annals of the human psyche. AKRAIA, an ominous beacon from Hamburg, Germany, gives form to these lurking shadows with their entrancing debut, now eerily gracing the vinyl realm.

Alex Bujack and Miltiadis Karanastassis, once of KAVRILA, have chosen to dance with these nocturnal entities, delving deep into an abyss that is as beguiling as it is foreboding. Their artistry—a blend of slowly crawling, blackened sludge metal—emerges as if a creature rising from the cavernous depths, echoing tales sung and scribed across civilizations and faiths.

This November 2023 release, originally casting its spell in November 2022, showcases an eerily beautiful mosaic of massive build-ups, punctuated by poignant, ethereal pauses. What sets AKRAIA apart in this demonic sonata is the conspicuous absence of guitars. Instead, the tantalizing, superfat riffs arise from an aggressively wielded bass, anchored by tumultuous drums and crowned by blackened vocals—a concoction that drenches the album in enigmatic gloom.


Crafted meticulously by the hands of Alex Bujack, Miltiadis Karanastassis, and the lyrical genius of Daniel González, and presented under the sinister banner of narshardaa label from Germany, AKRAIA’s debut is a testament to their unparalleled vision. The entrancing artwork by Thomas Kefalas further envelopes this creation in a shroud of mystery.

As the needle drops on this vinyl, listeners are beckoned to embark on a journey—a hypnotic sojourn through a realm of psychedelic suspense and spiritual serenity, only to be punctuated by moments of harrowing intensity.



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